Year 1

In 2018, students in Year 1are not having weekly Performing Arts lessons. 
However, they will be participating in Dance lessons with Miss Emma Louise Costabile
in preparation for this year's musical which will be announced soon.
Dance lessons will commence in Term 2 on May 21. 
Miss McLeod will be teaching the song(s) for the musical production to Year 1.

Junior Choir
This will be held on Thursday lunchtimes in the Performing Arts Room with Mrs Melanie White.
All Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students are welcome and encouraged to attend.
The Junior Choir sings usually once per term at school assembly.
Junior Choir will be commencing on March 8, once the Prep students are at school full time.

In Term 4, students are studying Drama and participating in role plays. One of our Habits of Mind focuses has been: Managing our Impulsivity - that is, actually stopping and thinking about how we are going to act out and perform our role plays before we do them. Students have been very thoughtful and creative as they became 'fruit pickers', 'cowboys/cowgirls' and 'circus performers'.

In Term 3, students are busily practising their song and dance routine for Beauty and the Beast. 

Here is the video we are going to be dancing with as a warm up next week. You might like to watch it a couple of times so that you can learn some of the moves.

Better when I'm Dancing

We have been dancing with ribbons to the Jazz Music instrumental piece: Take Five.
Some of the Habits of Mind we used were: Creating, Imagining and Innovating, Thinking Flexibly and Remaining Open to Continuous Learning.
Below these photos is a video montage of our Take Five dances.


Take Five Year 1

We are creating partner dances using the Jazz Music instrumental piece: Birdland.
Below is the version by Maynard Ferguson. Enjoy!


Here are some of the 'End Poses' of Year One's Birdland Dances:

We are also exploring movement and dance and have been creating movement sequences based on the theme of Winter.
Below is the version of The Snow is Dancing by Claude Debussy that we have been using.

The Snow is Dancing

In Term 2 Year One students are learning to read and play rhythms.
Here is a short video our rhythm sentences. Some of the Habits of Mind we used were: Striving for Accuracy and Thinking Interdependently.

Rhythm Sentences

We have been exploring musical concepts on the SFS Kids website. SFS stands for San Francisco Symphony.
Click on the link below to access the Instrument Garden.

In 2017, Term 1, Year One students are learning about orchestral instruments.
We have enjoyed playing the interactive Magic Flute Orchestra Game which is helping us to recognise many of the instruments by sight and sound.

Click on the link below to access the Orchestra Game from the Magic Flute but remember, you will need to download it first before you can play it.

We are also learning  to sing partner songs.

During Term 3 Year Ones are busily rehearsing for The Lion King.
1F is practising 'Shadowland'.
1D is 'Working on my roar!'. 
1H is dancing to 'He Lives in You'.
1N are 'Hyenas' in 'Be Prepared!'
During Term 4 students are involved in Drama activities.

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